Never Stop What You Are Doing, Derby Is Love

Everyone loves a certain sport or hobby that they spend their free time doing. Others love to play basketball; some girls love to sit in a comfy chair and read a book or the rest are just doing simple things that make them happy. If you are a skater, then you know the feeling. You understand why you have to insert an open slot of your time so that you can skate around your neighbourhood and develop different skills just to show people that you can do it.

Now, what does Skateboard Derby have to do with this? Everybody loves the Derby since its first introduction back in 1959. It has slowly gained its popularity since. The owner Barry Jacobs created this kind of business where everybody, both young and old, gets the chance to enjoy the sense of freedom that they rarely encounter. The blood pumping into your veins, the wind in your hair and the amazing speed has brought great joy to you and everybody else.

skateboard-1245680__180You already know why. Many people, including myself, understand this. Derby has become a part of my life, my childhood. Even though life sometimes gets in the way, I still have room for skateboarding. Although, I am a self-employed person, and there are times that I don’t enough to get by but if you are committed and determined you can invest your time in purchasing some of the top-quality merchandise that Derby has to offer.

It is like that artist investing their money to supply their arts. My case is skateboarding. I am a skater for many years now, since I was ten years, and my mom thinks of me as a daredevil, so I love to challenge myself into doing some amazing stunts. I will not lie to; it is dangerous, but fear plays a role that stops you from achieving something. Thanks to skateboarding I managed to overcome my fear of getting hurt and since then, it has applied to my life.

people-sport-skateboard-skateboarder-mediumIt is fun, after all, despite the injuries, but what is life without a little bit of challenge? I would recommend to all future skaters to try out Derbys; they are the best in what they give, and they also provide a skating arena where we can all have fun and interact just to share our passion together. Who doesn’t want to be with our kind? No matter how fun it is, don’t forget your responsibilities! I’ve worked a lot, but it is worth it when you know you are working so that you can invest in your passion.

Don’t be afraid to mingle and interact with us; we don’t bite. And also, you can try some of the merchandise of Derbys; they are pretty awesome, after all. I support some of the claims because I owned a pair and it has stood by me for a long time.